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Key specialist support

We offer expert help with all things contracting. From the simplest query (‘When will I be paid?’) to sorting out the most complex tax queries and writing mortgage reference letters, we’re here to keep these questions out of your inbox.

Many queries are quite complex simply because of the nature of supply work. For example, someone who doesn’t work the same hours every week can often see their take home pay fluctuate due to the way the tax system works.

This can make it difficult for them to know what to expect and to budget for all their bills and expenditure. We can help them understand how the tax system works and how it affects them, sharing knowledge that can help them throughout their career.

Another example is when an employee is applying for a mortgage or loan. Again, because they do temporary assignments, securing a mortgage or loan can be even more difficult for supply workers. We will liaise with the provider to help them prove their income and to assist our employee through a complicated process.

Our team are specialists in all aspects of contracting life and are trained to take ownership of any query they’re presented with. Our contractors depend on our knowledge. It’s why our newest recruits to the Service team go through an eight-week training programme before they’re ready to answer their first call.

And we can’t stress enough – you have access to our team too. We’re more than happy to help with anything you ask.

 What does my tax code mean? Can you give me a reference for a new job? When am I getting paid? Why did I get paid more last week than this week? Why have I started repaying my student loan?

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