How to join


When candidates visit your branches, we would recommend a three-step process to get them signed up with Key Portfolio:

1. Introduction

Introduce your candidate to the benefits of Key Portfolio and recommend that they join. There are resources in our Consultant Toolkit to help guide this conversation, including scripts and a two-minute animated video.

2. Flyer

We can provide flyers for your branches, which you can give to your candidates to take home as a reminder of why they joined. You can request a supply online.

3. Registration

To get signed up, either the candidate completes our Registration Form or the recruiter completes our Referral Form. The latter asks for some basic info about their candidate, allowing us to get in touch.

Existing candidates

If you like, we can work with you to plan a campaign designed to invite any existing PAYE candidates to join our service. Just get in touch and we’ll talk through the details. There are some resources in our Consultant Toolkit that may give you some ideas on how we could go about this. You may also find this article useful: How to encourage candidates to switch from PAYE to Umbrella

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