Centralised income

Centralised income

So many contractors have more than one source of income, which can leave them in a complex situation of multiple tax codes, different pay days and their annual income being spread over more than one P60. It could mean they’re overpaying or underpaying tax. And if they’ve got a problem or query, they have separate companies to contact for help.

When they add all of the agencies they work with to their Key Portfolio account, it streamlines everything.

We combine all income into one weekly payment and process it under one tax code. They receive one payment for all work completed each period and see it all on one pay advice slip.

Plus, if they ever apply for statutory benefits like sick pay or maternity pay, we’ll take all of their agency income into account when we assess the claim. This means they’re more likely to qualify for payments, and each payment could be higher too.

It also makes it easier to prove their income (for example, for a visa or loan application) and they have one point of contact for any queries.

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