How to promote & register with Key Portfolio

This is your quick and easy guide for introducing Key Portfolio to your candidates. It will help you explain how our service makes temporary work more rewarding.

Introduce your partnership with Key Portfolio

CER candidates have their employment and payroll managed by Key Portfolio. We have chosen Key Portfolio as our partner provider for a number of reasons including their unrivalled service levels, their years of experience in employing education-based candidates and their Accredited Membership status with the FCSA, which proves they meet the highest standards of compliance.

Key Portfolio employs people like you, who work on temporary assignments. So, while you’re enjoying the freedom and flexibility of temporary work, you can also enjoy the stability and security of permanent employment. Key Portfolio pays you for your CER assignments and gives you a range of employment-related benefits that you wouldn’t ordinarily have access to.

Tell your candidate about the benefits…

When you become an employee of Key Portfolio, you gain access to the following benefits:

  • A permanent contract of employment entitling you to benefits like sick pay, maternity pay and paternity pay. It’s nice to know they’re there when you need them. Learn more here
  • Payroll you can rely on. Key Portfolio have been paying CER candidates since 2007. They’ve never let us down and all of our candidates are always paid on time. You can also join their workplace pension scheme! Learn more here
  • Holiday pay when you need it.  Choose when to receive your holiday pay. It’s normally paid along with your salary, but Key Portfolio can also hold it back for you and pay it when you’re not working! Learn more here
  • Working with more than one agency? Key Portfolio make things even easier by combining all of your agency income into one payment. This means just one tax code, one payslip, one pay day and one P60. This is also the best way for you to avoid having to manage multiple payslips and multiple pension enrolments! Learn more here
  • Additional employee benefits. A package of perks and discounts to use at work and home. Exceptional savings on shopping, restaurants, travel and lots more! Learn more here
  • Become part of the community! Instantly gain thousands of colleagues within Key Portfolio’s growing community of supply workers. Share ideas, help to create content and even take part in the annual Secret Santa Gift Exchange! Learn more here
  • Expert help with all things contracting. Tax, proof of income, mortgages, right-to-work… whatever it is, just pick up the phone. Learn more here

Need a refresher? Watch our video for a quick reminder…

Set the assignment rate and explain the payroll process…

When you work through Key Portfolio, the uplifted assignment rate includes Key Portfolio’s margin and any employer outgoings.  Learn more here

Remember to use the Key Portfolio Rate Calculator to set the uplifted assignment rate and then introduce this rate to your candidate.

Key Portfolio’s margin is 4% of the funds CER send to Key Portfolio, capped at a maximum of £16 per week.

Register your candidate…

To register your candidate with Key Portfolio, simply ask them to complete our Registration Form by using the Key Portfolio tablet or any internet browser.

Once your candidate has registered, we will send them an email to confirm we’ve commenced their employment and are ready to process their first payroll.

Do you have a challenge and need our help?

If you have a challenge, no matter how big or small, remember we’re here to support you! Just get in touch and we’ll help you solve the problem!