Permanent Contract of Employment

When your candidates become an employee of Key Portfolio, they’re engaged on a permanent contract of employment. So even though they’re temporary workers, their contract of employment entitles them to the same benefits and protections enjoyed by their non-temporary counterparts including:

  • Protection during and between assignments – most direct agency engagements only offer protection during an assignment but when you’re with Key Portfolio, you’re protected all year round such as when you’re on holiday or during non-term times!
  • Increased ability to claim and qualify for statutory benefits including sick-pay, maternity pay, paternity pay and shared parental pay. With a permanent contract of employment, you’re more likely to qualify for statutory benefits when compared with working directly with an agency!
  • Support in the workplace – as your employer, Key Portfolio can provide health & safety well-being provisions such as anti-glare monitor screens and posture-correcting seating accessories
  • Dedicated HR support – Key Portfolio’s team of employment specialists are on-hand to support with all elements of your contracting career. This isn’t just run-of-the-mill customer service; you get access to specialists that are here to support you, just like an HR team within a permanent workplace. See some of the great things that our existing employees say about Key Portfolio

The most important thing to remember here is that your candidate will become an employee on a permanent contract of employment that will offer them protection during and between assignments. So unlike candidates who are engaged directly by an agency, our employees are still entitled to these benefits even when they’re not working!