Working with multiple agencies? Key has you covered!

One of the benefits that candidates really value is that Key Portfolio works with the vast majority of education recruiters. This means that when Key Portfolio is your candidates’ only employer, they can centralise their pay from all of the agencies they work with.

Combining all agency income under one employer massively simplifies what could otherwise be a confusing and complicated situation for your candidates. Instead of dealing with multiple payments and payslips, processed under different tax codes and getting multiple P60s or P45s from each agency, they would have one payment, payslip and payday for all their income. They’d only have one tax code and P60 / P45 to deal with and if they ever need help, just one point of contact for all their queries – Key Portfolio.

These are points of convenience, but there can also be distinct financial advantages to combining their income through Key Portfolio.

If your candidates apply for statutory benefits like sick pay or maternity pay, we’ll take all of their agency income into account when we assess their claim. For example, Maternity Pay payments can be increased if all of their agency income is processed by a single employer!

With Key Portfolio as their sole employer, your candidates will only need one pension provider and when all their agency income is combined, the resulting pension contributions are higher and their single pension “pot” will grow quicker! Conversely, when candidates are paid directly by multiple recruitment agencies, there’s a very high chance that they’ll either not earn enough individually to be enrolled in a pension, or if enrolled, not always earn enough for pension deductions to be made.

Key Portfolio can help your candidates with loan, mortgage or tenancy applications. And if confirming their combined agency income as a permanent employee, your candidate’s application will be much stronger.