The Key Portfolio community

Our employee surveys show that supply workers experience too much isolation within the workplace. Common feedback includes limited access to staff rooms and a general lack of colleagues to interact with. Here are some of the ways that Key Portfolio helps to reduce this isolation by being a central point of connection for its employees.

Sharing ideas to improve the working day

Our employees shared their very best tips on how having effective evening routines and morning routines can improve a supply teacher’s working day!

We asked our community of supply teachers what super powers would help them be even better at their job. Thanks to their ideas (and a few top-secret ingredients), the Super Supply Teacher was born!

Creating content to support others

We rallied our community and asked them to share their very best tips and advice for brand-new supply teachers. Nearly 2,000 of them responded and helped to create our How to be a superhero supply teacher e-book!

Connecting colleagues across the UK

There are many ways that Key Portfolio connects its employees to help reduce the isolation of supply work. One of our favourites is our annual Secret Santa Gift Exchange which helps to ensure that supply workers don’t miss the usual festivities that come with permanent workplaces and close-working colleagues.