How can my candidate join Key Portfolio?

If you’ve got a candidate who would like to join Key Portfolio, there are two main routes they can go down.

Option 1: the candidate signs up online

Our Registration Form asks the candidate for everything we need from a new-start, including proof of their right-to-work in the UK and their bank details. While they complete the form, they’ll see an explanation of how their take-home pay will be calculated and confirmation of our margin, so they can make an informed choice to continue.

When we receive a completed form, we get straight to work setting up their employment.

Meanwhile, the candidate is invited to book a welcome call with one of our advisors at a time that suits them. There’s a booking link at the end of the Registration Form, and also in the welcome emails we’ll send them. During the call, we’ll answer any questions and chat for as long as they need. Our aim is to get their time with Key Portfolio off to the best possible start.

Our Registration Form is often best when:

  • The candidate wants to sign up as quickly as possible
  • You’ve got them in branch and can talk to them about Key Portfolio (thank you!)
  • You’ve got a PC or tablet for them to use (or they’re happy to use their phone)
Option 2: their recruiter asks us to get in touch

You can use our Referral Form to ask us to get in touch with your candidate (make sure that’s okay with them first). You’ll be asked for some basic info and to provide proof of their right-to-work in the UK, if you have it to hand.

When we receive a referral, we’ll contact the candidate. We’ll introduce ourselves, chat to them about how Key Portfolio can support their career and cover all the important things they need to know. Of course, we’ll also answer all their questions. If they’re ready to go ahead, we’ll sign them up over the phone.

Making a referral is often best when:

  • The candidate has some questions that they need to ask us before joining
  • You’re short on time or don’t have the candidate in branch with you
  • You’re running a PSL and want to introduce the candidate to more than one Umbrella provider

Whichever way they sign up, we’ll soon be welcoming them to the Key Portfolio community.