Your candidates’ P11Ds

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Over the coming weeks, some of your candidates who work with Key Portfolio will receive a P11D form from us. This document summarises the expenses that they claimed and were processed during the last tax year.

If a candidate receives one, it’s because we were required to send this information to HMRC and provide the contractor with a copy. There’s no action for them to take, unless they complete a Self-Assessment tax return, but they should retain a copy for their tax records.

If they don’t receive one, it’s because we weren’t required to send this information to HMRC. This is most likely because they earned under a certain threshold in the past year or we didn’t have any expenses to report for them. Some types of expenses don’t need to be reported on P11Ds, for example mileage.

How are you communicating with my candidates?

We’ll be sending P11Ds out electronically, with an informative covering email. We’ve published an explanatory post over on the Key Portfolio blog, and we’ll also be tweeting about it. In addition, we’ve answered some of the more commonly asked questions in our candidate support centre.