Introducing Key Portfolio to your candidates

This guide is designed to help structure the conversation when you introduce Key Portfolio to your candidates. It will help you explain how the service can make agency work more rewarding.

Start with the basics…

“Now that you’re going to be a contract worker, we recommend you join an Umbrella Company.

An Umbrella Company employs people like you, who work on temporary assignments. So while you’re enjoying the freedom and flexibility that this type of work gives you, you can also enjoy the stability and safety net that comes from permanent employment. The Umbrella Company pays you for the assignments that we find for you and gives you a range of employment-related benefits that you wouldn’t ordinarily have access to.”

Introduce your partnership with Key Portfolio

“We work with a leading Umbrella Company, Key Portfolio. It gives you the opportunity to become part of the largest community of contractors in the UK. You’ll have thousands of colleagues and Key’s polls show that 94% of these workers would recommend the service to a friend.”

Outline the benefits of the service

Encourage your candidate to visit, watch the video and take a look around. They’ll quickly learn what we can do for them.

“You can depend on Key to support your career and help it run smoothly. You’ll be combining the freedom of contracting with the perks of employment. For example:

  • They’ll give you expert help with all things contracting, from tax to training courses
  • They can sort you out with benefits like sick pay, maternity pay and paternity pay
  • You can claim certain things as work-related expenses, such as the money you spend on food, drink and travel during your working day
  • You’ll find it easier if you need to prove your income, for example if you apply for a mortgage
  • They offer a very reliable payroll service, and you’ll get paid by them for your agency work every Friday
  • If you work or start to work with any other agencies, you get all these benefits for your work with them too. Your income would all be centralised through Key Portfolio, which saves you the hassle of having different pay days, payslips, tax codes and points of contact.”