I’m a customer or service-user

If you haven’t read it already, start with the introduction to our privacy policy and then come back here to read the rest.  It includes some key definitions that will help you understand this document and explains your rights under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Our business is to provide employment and payroll services to contractors, like supply teachers and IT consultants. Organisations hire our contractors to complete assignments for them – for example, a hospital will hire one of our locum nurses to cover for an absent nurse – and when the contractor goes to work for the organisation, they’re working as our employee.

If one of our employees carries out an assignment for an organisation that holds your personal details, they may have access to those details during their assignment. Given the varied nature of the work they do and the organisations they do it for, this could encompass a wide range of data.

While on assignment, our employees comply with all data protection policies and procedures that are in place at the site where they’re working. For example, if they’re on assignment at a school then they will follow the school’s policies and instructions. This is covered in our data protection and confidentiality policy that all employees follow. For your peace of mind, they will not…

  • …store your data, except on systems owned by the organisation.
  • …share your data with anyone else, unless it is clearly within the remit of their role.
  • …process your personal data for any purpose, unless they’re acting on a clear instruction from the organisation.
  • …transfer your data outside the EU, unless they’re acting on a clear instruction from the organisation.

When you trust your data to an organisation that hires one of our employees, you can consider that you are giving it to the organisation and not to us. For data protection purposes, our employees are no different to someone employed directly by the organisation. In these situations, we are acting only as a data processor.

For more information about the purpose and lawful basis for each type of processing that our employees may do with your personal data, please ask the organisation who holds it.

If you have interacted with us in some way, such as visited our website, there is additional privacy information that you should be aware of.