How we use your data

We use your data to efficiently manage our relationship and provide you and your business with exceptional customer care. For example, to answer your queries, send tailored communications, provide you with relevant information and develop a rapport. We may use it to introduce ourselves and start building a relationship with you and your company, if we think you’ll be interested or if a contractor has asked us to get in touch.

Having your data also helps us to ensure we speak to the best person about any opportunities or challenges that arise. It’s also important for ensuring that the correct person has given their authority for certain actions to take place – for example, if you ask us to pay funds to your candidates prior to an invoice being paid, we need that request to come from someone with a suitable level of authority in your business.

As these activities are ultimately done with the intention of growing our business, our lawful basis for this processing is legitimate interests.


From time to time we might share your personal data with:

  • Your employer. This would be limited to stats or information about our working relationship with your employer. For example, we might confirm which of their recruiters has the most active contractors. Or, sometimes in conversation we’ll refer to information you’ve given us (e.g. that you’re leaving the business soon), if we believe that they already know.
  • Your contractors. Sometimes in conversation we’ll refer to information about you, if it helps their understanding of a situation or a conversation go more smoothly. For example, if we need some info from you to resolve a query from one of your contractors, we might tell them that you’ve been on annual leave if it helps to explain why we haven’t got an answer yet.
  • Our data processors. We may share your data with our carefully chosen data processors. These are trusted businesses who help us communicate with you, work more productively and keep your data secure.
  • The public. You might decide to write or contribute content for our website. This may involve us publishing your writing, name, bio, photographs, videos, comments or other work on our website. Before you agree to take part, we’d explain what was going to happen and make sure it was what you wanted. If you ever change your mind and want something removed or anonymised, please email
  • Our lawyers. We may need to share your personal data with a lawyer, should you or your business require our support with a legal case (or vice versa).
  • Our insurers. We may share your data with our insurers, Kingsbridge, if it was necessary to help resolve a claim from one of our contractors. You can read Kingsbridge’s privacy notice on their website.

In each of these examples, our lawful basis for sharing your data is legitimate interests.

In addition, we would share information if requested to do so by a law enforcement agency or in response to a court order. Similarly, we have a duty to disclose information about possible criminal acts (for example money laundering) or security threats to the relevant bodies. Our lawful basis here is legal obligation.

What we don’t do with your data
  • We will not pass your details to any third party not mentioned in this policy, unless we have your consent to do so.
  • We will not transfer your personal data outside the European Union, except to countries that have been recognised by the European Commission as providing adequate protection for your data. Learn more: when would you transfer my data outside the EU?

You have the right to object to any processing that is based on legitimate interests. To let us know that you object, please email

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