Data we collect about you

Data we collect from third parties

Recruitment agencies

Sometimes, your recruitment agency might ask us to get in touch with you because you’ve told them that you’re interested in learning more about our service. Before doing so, your recruiter will explain that in order for us to respond to your enquiry, they will have to pass your details to us. For more information, you might wish to read your agency’s privacy notice.

In almost all cases, they’ll give us your name, email address and phone number. With your permission, sometimes they will also send a copy of your photographic ID and work visa (where applicable). They may include additional details that they think will help us offer you the best possible support, such as your daily rate, current payroll arrangements or the start date of your next assignment.

In order for us to collect and store these details, our lawful basis is legitimate interests. This is because you’ve expressed an interest in hearing more about our service and we’re keen to tell you about it. And since your recruiter has talked to you about us, we know you’re happy for us to have your details for this purpose.

If you change your mind at any point and decide you’re no longer interested in joining, please let us know and we won’t contact you again.

The Home Office

In certain circumstances, we may ask the Home Office to confirm your immigration status. For example, we would do this if you were in the process of applying for or renewing your work visa and didn’t yet have the necessary documentation to show us. We would ask for your permission to submit your details to the Employer Checking Service provided by the Home Office, so that we could confirm you had the right to work in the UK while your application was ongoing. In this scenario, our lawful basis for collecting this data is legal obligation.

Data that you give to us

It’s inevitable that we’ll collect some personal data about you during the course of your enquiry. Depending how close you get to joining, these details could range from just your name and basic contact details, to more personal information such as your bank details or a copy of your passport. You can choose what information you do or don’t give us and we won’t ask for more information than we need to take the steps you’ve requested. Our lawful basis for this processing is contract, because it allows us to take the steps needed to efficiently respond to your enquiry.

Data we create

To help us manage your enquiry efficiently and smoothly, we create some data about you:

  • We assign you an ID number, which is a unique identifier that we use to help us manage your enquiry and if you go onto join, your employment. We won’t share it with you until you join, unless you ask.
  • We keep notes in our CRM system, e.g. records of conversations we’ve had with you, and may refer to you in emails as we strive to respond to your enquiry.

Our lawful basis for doing these things is legitimate interests, because they allow us to take the steps needed to efficiently respond to your enquiry.

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