Hello CER!

Register your candidates

1. Use the following resources to help explain the benefits of Key Portfolio to your candidate:

2.  Print the Key Portfolio Registration Pack and add a flyer to the pack (you should have a stock of flyers in your branch).

3. Provide your candidates with the letter and flyer to read. They explain our service, how it works and what to expect.

4. Ask your candidate to complete our Registration Form. When emailing forms to us, please include the candidate’s name in the file name. Please check that all fields have been completed – this will help avoid any delays to their registration and subsequent payments.

5. Scan your candidate’s Entitlement to Work documentation and return the originals to the candidate. Certify the copies to confirm you have seen the originals.

6.  Attach the completed Registration Form and certified ID/ETW documents to an email and send it to administration@key.co.com. If your candidate has provided a P45, you should send us the original by post.